British Values? How does this support ‘The Kibworth Values’?

Within lessons and through our programme of assemblies, drop down days, extra curricular activities and school trips The Kibworth school will in line with The Kibworth Standards and The Kibworth Values:

  • Enable our students to have the understanding of Freedom of choice and belief in all that they do both now and in the future
  • Behave ethically and responsibly both as role models of the school and global citizens of the future
  • Respect the ‘Rule of Law’ regardless of context
  • Encourage, support and reward our students to take personal responsibility in all that they do both now and for the future
  • Identify, combat and stand up to any form of discrimination in any type of format
  • Show tolerance to their peers and all others that are part of the school community and beyond
  • Engage and value the ‘Democratic’ processes that we have access to both as young people and adults
  • Confidently interact with others at all times in the appropriate manner and in line with ‘The Kibworth Standards’

Did you know that we have a ‘Pro-Social’ group of students at our school. They were formed this year and actively promote support and engage in embedding and securing ‘The Kibworth Standards’ and ‘The Kibworth Values’.  Want to know more please email: