Attendance matters

Attendance at School is very important for a child’s education. For every day your child is absent at School over 6 hours of instructional time is lost. Click here to see the process at Kibworth School for absences.

Awards Assemblies

It has been a busy and fulfilling start to the new school year, with lots of positive changes happening or already in place.

Before striving onward, it’s good to take a brief pause to look back and recognise the students that have embodied ‘The Kibworth Standard’.

With this in mind, we’re currently holding our first awards assemblies for each of the year groups to commend those students.

We’ll be holding more of these throughout the year, so don’t let the effort slip, it has been a great start so far!

Pictures from each of the assemblies will be available here:



Macmillan Coffee Morning

We’re proud to announce our Macmillan Coffee Morning was a brilliant success, raising £1350 for charity!

A big thank you to all the students, staff and parents that helped organise and participate in the event, we hoped you enjoyed the morning.

We took some pictures, click the link to take a look.


The Kibworth School working with ‘Humanutopia’… Tuesday 3rd October 2017

The Kibworth School working with ‘Humanutopia’… Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Who Am I? – Personal Development workshop session for Year 9 students

On Tuesday, 3rd October all Year 9 students will be engaged in an off-timetable day of inspiring and reflective activities provided by the renowned motivational education company ‘Humanutopia’.

The programme is designed to encourage them to develop a sense of ‘self’, build confidence as learners and provide them with the tools to take positive responsibility for their actions as they approach the next, crucial stage in their education – making GCSE options choices and sitting exams that will shape the rest of their lives.

The expected outcomes of the day include:

  • Enjoyment of the programme interventions.
  • Developing friendship s and working relationships.
  • Providing strategies that students can use to modify and/or improve their own behaviour.
  • Helping students understand other people’s behaviour.
  • Motivating students to care more about other people and the effect they can have on others.
  • Encouraging students to want to try harder in school to improve their grades.
  • Enabling students to feel more positive about their future.

What’s it all about?

Humanutopia’s first course, ‘Who Am I?’ is based on personal development. It is an enormously powerful experience for young people, consisting of 15 unique challenges. This course creates a safe space for young people to stop and reflect on their life to date.

In this space, young people are encouraged to look at the influences of others, peer pressure and the culture of conformity. They are encouraged to reflect on their attitude, behaviour and their impact on others.

The young people are then given an opportunity to discover their authentic self and to consider just where their true potential may lie and what their futures could be about.

What to expect

In session 1 the young people will be asked to reflect on their attitude and behaviour towards their class mates and peers. There will be a moment in this session when many of the students will become upset – some may be overwhelmed. It is crucial that staff react with integrity and compassion. Whilst there are no disclosures some students will need help & support to move forward after our visit.

This part of the day is cathartic for the vast majority and will help individuals and the group move forward together in a more cohesive way. As the day evolves many students will begin to feel liberated and staff should observe and support some of the major changes that occur within some of the young people.

Look out for a review of the Humanutopia ‘Who Am I?’ Day in the next issue of the school magazine, newsletter and on the website.

Going for Gold

Lydia, one of our talented year 10 students, is going for gold and hoping to set a new Guinness world record!

On Monday 23rd October, Lydia will be scoring as many netball goals within one hour to attempt to the beat the current record of 250. The record attempt will take place outside on The Kibworth School netball courts and will be filmed to adhere to the record attempt guidelines.

Two years ago Lydia attempted the record unofficially as a challenge to raise money for Cancer research. She managed to break the record and raised £230 for the well-deserved cause. Mrs Stanton has been organising the attempt, and feels confident Lydia will deliver a world class performance.

Students in the News

Some of out Year 7 and 8 students have had their drawings featured on a BBC Radio 4 website. The artwork was depicting the book ‘The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains’ by Neil Gaiman BBC Radio 4 – Book at Bedtime