Hardship fund & Free School meals information

If you would like to know more about Free School Meals and or how to apply for them, please use the links below.

If you would like to discuss this with a member of staff, please do not hesitate to contact the school or email.

We are keen to support our children and families. 





Rationale for the Hardship fund 

The Hardship fund will consider applications for financial support towards the cost of any expenses connected with the Academy for the following students: Students not eligible for FSM but where parents’ or carers’ are having financial difficulties possibly due to altered financial circumstances. FSM students are separately covered by pupil premium funding. The Hardship Fund does not replace the Charging and Remissions Policy, which covers the remission of charges for educational visits, but should be read alongside it. Other students and families entitled to Pupil Premium and or Free School Meals can meet with the Headteacher to discuss their individual circumstances to be then considered. We clearly under that circumstances may change very quickly and we are keen to support our student’s and families to support our young people and their education.


The aim of the fund is to support students by providing funds to assist parents/carers experiencing financial hardship to provide those items necessary for their child’s education.


Students not eligible for FSM or with altered financial circumstances. The Hardship Fund will consider applications from students not in receipt of free school meals but whose financial or family situation would otherwise prevent their participation in visits/activities or mean they would have difficulty purchasing equipment related to their education. It will also consider applications from students whose parents/carers are made redundant once students have already signed up for an educational visit/activity and some monies have been paid. Each student’s case will be considered on its own merits before a decision is made. Parents/ Carers will be contacted via phone to discuss the application, and, in the case of altered financial circumstances, may be asked for proof of redundancy, NHS exemption certificate, etc. The Governors will set the amount for The Hardship Fund annually.