Student Folder

At its core, StudentFolder® is a student planner and organiser. Students and parents have instant access via the web or mobile app to the student timetable, homework, alerts and news/announcements.

All features are designed to be simple to use and engaging by utilising social media styles familiar to students and many parents.

StudentFolder® is part of our drive to become more eco-friendly, however a paper planner will also be available in 2018/19, if requested.


StudentFolder® is a system that allows students to use a mobile device or the web to access their timetable, homework and school documents that you would normally find in your pupil organiser.

Students can also access a wide range of resources including media, documents, mindmaps and quizzes which can be accessed individually or directly linked to homework tasks.

In addition to homework, teachers can also add alerts and notes to students, who can send comments to the teacher to increase student engagement.

The Student Dashboard shows at a glance, the total homework due in the next seven days, the latest news and announcements, today’s timetable and the homework for the next 7 days in a social media style stream.

They can also see any homework marks that have been allocated and take quizzes with instant feedback on scores.


You can monitor and review homework to ensure your child is completing it using our mobile app or via the web.

You can also receive news and announcements directly through the web or mobile application.

The Parent Dashboard allows you to view all homework due for students at a glance, along with the student timetable.

For security, only parents who have registered their email via the Schools Management Information System (MIS) can access StudentFolder. In order to register, Parents must also be able to access the confirmation email at the address and all data is sent using encrypted SSL.

A list of policies that support the use of Student Folder can also be found on our school website, for example the Digital Media Policy and the Homework Policy.

If you have any questions regarding Student Folder then please feel free to contact Mr Russell, the school lead on Student Folder, on

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