School Performance 2016/17

2017 – GCSE Results overview

2017’s Year 11 had 149 students, with a 55/45% split boys/girls. 12 (8%) students were Pupil Premium, 21 (14%) SEND and 4 (3%) students fall into both PP and SEND. Only 2 (1.5%) students are identified as EAL, and 20 (13%) students are of non-white ethnicity.  All contexts group factors are significantly below national average.

The group is of generally high ability, with an APS from Key Stage 2 of 28.2. 45% of students are High prior attainment, scoring a level 5 or higher in the KS2 SATs, with an APS of 31.8. 43% of students are middle prior attainment, achieving a level 4 at KS2 SATs, with an APS of 28.1. Only 8 students (5%) of students are low prior attainment, with 7 achieving a level 3 KS2 SATs, and 1 student at Below level 3. 9 student have no KS2 prior attainment data.


Overall attainment was strong, with 73% of students achieving a ‘standard’ pass in 5 subjects, including English Language and Maths. Pass rates in English at ‘standard’ level are 89% and ‘good’ level are 77%. This is significantly above the national average (National standard pass is 62%). Similarly, for Maths ‘standard’ pass is 88%, significantly above the national average of 59%, and ‘good pass is at 72%.
41% of students were entered for a complete suite of EBacc subjects, with just over 50% of those achieving ‘standard’ passes in all 5 subjects to qualify.

Progress 8 overall was -0.24 below average, with no difference between boys and girls.
Progress 8 score:

  • English     0.19
  • Maths     0.32
  • EBacc     -0.52
  • Disadvantaged Pupils (11)     -0.91
  • EAL (2)     -0.24
  • LPAs     -0.55
  • MPAs     -0.1
  • HPAs     -0.3

Pupil Premium: Overall, there is a slight variance between the attainment of PP students, when measured against non-PP (4.29 vs 4.9). However, this is within the same GCSE grade band – grade 4 – and only appears in fine level analysis.  Pupil premium girls attained significantly lower than both the PP boys, and the non-PP girls. This is a very small cohort, of only 5 students, and with the female PP outlier removed, the Higher prior attainers actually achieved the highest average attainment in the school.

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